Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Ultimate Blogger Stalker Tool

I won't be posting very much these days as I'm facing some problems.
No need to speculate, and no need for concern, since I just need time to solve them. No big deal.

Some of you check back here periodically, and more often than not you're disappointed because I haven't been posting anything much.

This is why you need an RSS aggregator like Bloglines.

Bloglines allows me to stalk too many bloggers (I stalk close to 100 local blogs, and I don't even bother to count the non-local bloggers I'm stalking), while still allowing me to have a semblance of a life, because Bloglines will tell me which blogs I'm tracking have been recently updated, and show me their posts that I haven't read. This way I don't have to keep going to the blog to see if it's been updated.

The only problem is some bloggers I want to stalk did not enable RSS feeds, so I end up forgetting about them.

Anyway, Preetam Rai has a great tutorial on Bloglines which I recommend (it got browned too).

Okay if I'm the only blogger you're stalking, you probably don't need bloglines.

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