Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mother's Days

"So, what did you do for Mothers' Day?" someone asked me, "brought her out to lunch?"

"Nah I don't celebrate Mothers' Day."

Pregnant pause.

"Yeah it's getting too commercialised nowadays," he offered. He must have felt awkward for me, although I wasn't the least bothered, as I was thinking about other things.

"Oh yeah..." I responded rather absently, even though that wasn't my reason.

Those who have been reading me before this year would probably have an idea of my reasons, and I have a few. (When you don't have a good reason, it's always good to have a few.)

No, I'm not some mother-hating Nazi with matricidal fantasies.

And for the record, I do love my mother.

And no, not in a Freudian way.

Anyway, here are the reasons:

1. It's a good reminder for someone who doesn't stay with mom, that they do, in fact, have a mother somewhere. Not applicable for me.

2. When you've been treating your mom like dirt all year, bringing her out to Crystal Jade restaurant on Mothers' Day will cancel out all those misdeeds of yours. Not necessary for filial sons like me who have been nice to mom all year.
Fine. Most of the year.

3. Besides, Crystal Jade is much more crowded on Mothers' Day. Don't wanna keep mommy waiting at the entrance, do you?

4. Dad might get jealous. For different possible reasons, depending on the nature of the dad you have. Applies to step-dads and mom's boyfriends, if any. (You know, times have changed.)

5. Mothers' Day is SEXIST! Related to #4.

I hope mom doesn't read my blog, otherwise I'll get whupped when I get home.

But really, mothers deserve much more than one day of recognition a year - at least mine does. Hopefully, the tinge of guilt I feel for not celebrating Mothers' Day (yes I do have feelings at times) will drive me to treat mom better all year round. Call me mommy's boy.

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