Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Life Goes On...

I'm back at Ngee Ann today.

It's always a weird feeling coming back to school just when the term starts, especially when you've been around during the vacation, where it becomes really nice and quiet - plenty of seats the the library, the canteens, the atrium, the everywhere else. Now, it's more like saturday-afternoon Orchard Road again - swarms of fashionable and not-so-fashionable bodies streaming all over the place.

In the library, I can't find a seat - too many non-readers around chatting or just loafing. My New Scientist is in its usual spot on the shelf for once. A flock of Ah Lians sprawled out on the carpet laugh loudly, eyes glancing sidewards to see if they caught anyone's attention (they caught mine). 2 friends keep taking pictures of themselves with a digital ixus, hoping to capture a pretty angle (face the ugly truth girls). A bald indian guy is booting his 17-inch PowerBook (showoff). A plump girl advises her slimmer friend not to SMS the guy too much, in case they run out of things to say when they actually meet (jealous?). And I don't feel like reading today.

On my way to canteen 1, going by the sheltered detour via block 4 and 56 because I absolutely detest the torching sun, I pass by an innocent-looking girl at the study bench making a phone call. "Harlow? Where are you? You dunno? I also dunno where I am leh!" And I don't feel like helping anyone today.

Canteen 1 is crowded as usual, but I find myself a free table as lunchtime is almost over. Most people are chatting, or just sitting around, waiting for time to pass. A few isolated lonelyhearts fiddle with their shiny new Acers (not reading my blog). And I don't feel like finishing the plate of rice-plus-meat-and-2-veg before me.

This day marks the first day of a brand new school year. This means that a third of all the students are new. And I'm not a student anymore.

* * *

Some of you know that many of my posts have multiple messages or purposes on different levels, some more obvious than others.

Take my last 2 posts for example.

In "Interview with the Calm One Part 2", I wanted to highlight that many (female) bloggers have very typical likes and dislikes, which is very normal, and very boring. Of course, I also wanted to express my opinion on Philip Yeo's recent legal activities, while conveniently adding a snide reference to his infamous remarks about basic degree holders being qualified only to wash test tubes.

Then, the Musical Baton which got passed to me, triggering my last post "Billions of Blistering Batons". There, besides having some fun with my own interpretation of the Musical Baton, I divulged a little about my dysfunctional self, and gave a mini-rantanalysis of the psychology of this mutant chain mail phenomenon. But as I was thinking about writing that post, I figured I could sneak in a hidden hint that would lead on to this current post. Ever realised that I had more than one reason for passing the baton to those 3 (ex-)bloggers?

* * *

Those of you who have been faithfully following this blog forever may remember the time when I killed off this blog, then decided to come back one month later. In that coming-back post, I mentioned this towards the end:
And oh, I definitely won't be blogging here after this semester, which ends around April or May. This time, don't say I didn't give you enough warning!

I'm keeping my word.

But, there's no need to be too upset. I've since learnt that I like blogging so much, that I won't be able to stop for long. So, even though this blog is dead, I'll probably be blogging somewhere else, as someone else.

Drop me an email at calmster@gmail.com, tell me a bit about yourself, and who knows, I might tell you my new blog address when I'm ready (but don't tell anyone else). Or if you're more adventurous, keep your eyes open for new blogs - maybe you'll find one that sounds like me. If you suspect it's me, drop me an email to confirm (but don't blog about it).

"Why are you so secretive?" someone asked me recently.

"I have many things to hide," came my standard reply.

I shall end this blog with the same words as the last time:

You guys have been great.

Thanks, every single one of you, for reading.

It has been my pleasure.

* * *


Some of you will surely ask about my status in Tomorrow. I'll probably hang around as an editor for a while, but eventually, "calm one" will disappear from the list of editors. Perhaps, when my new blog is ready, you'll see my new identity on the list of editors? Hmmmmmm......

As for the Singapore Bloggers Convention 2005 (whatever it's going to be called), I'll certainly be there, if at all possible. But don't expect me to announce to everyone that I'm the calm one. You must be kidding.

Life goes on, with or without me.

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