Monday, May 16, 2005

Interview with the Calm One Part 2

Interviewer: Hey it's been a while since the last interview...

Calm One: Quite right. I'll grant you this interview, but don't you forget why the last one ended. Mention that name again, and...

Interviewer: Okay, okay! No need to be so uptight! I promise NEVER to mention him ever...

Calm One: Get on with the questions - I've a tight schedule - I still need to do some work to justify my position at

I: Yeah, yeah, this is the 21st time you've mentioned Tomorrow...


I: Calm down calm down...


I: Sure, sure... so tell us your likes and dislikes.

C: Okay I like shopping, movies, music, clubbing, surfing the internet, watching TV, and smoking. I hate liars, backstabbers, hypocrites, smokers, perverts, cockroaches, and lizards.

I: Uhmm... you know that some of your readers may not appreciate your mockery...

C: Oh, and I love PINK!

I: Er... I fear for you.

C: There's nothing to be afraid of. Sure, some of my readers may get a little offended, and may start hating me, which would hopefully get me some hatemail. But at least none of them would be moronic enough to threaten legal action against me.

I: Ah... threatening legal action. This reminds me of the case where Philip Yeo threatened to sue AcidFlask.

C: Oh Philip Yeo. I don't know him personally, never met him, but I think he must be a really nice guy.

I: Nice guy?

C: Yup. He invited a blogger for tea. How nice of him.

I: But he didn't invite you.

C: I'm sure he would eventually.

I: For your info, he invited AcidFlask for tea. AcidFlask is a Ph.D. student. You don't even have a degree!

C: Hmmm... you do have a point.

I: And if you do get invited, You'll think you'll be drinking tea? You'll be made to wash the teacups!

C: Dang. Thanks for busting my ego. End of interview.

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