Thursday, April 21, 2005

There's Hope for Tomorrow

Yes, I'm still thinking about the discussions on creativity in the comments of my last few posts. If your tired of that, don't worry, this post will end with some interesting twists (I hope), so do bear with me.

Sanz commented:
Singaporeans criticise govt for stiffling the creative elements in SG. Govt attempts to change it. Singaporeans criticise govt for its weak attempts at promoting creativity.

The problem is, aren't creativity something that should be nutured by the population itself and not by govt effort?

Maybe it's still this concept that singaporeans have that govt has to do everything for us. And this is the concept that we have to change so that creativity can finally thrive in SG.

Somewhat in a similar vein, Warrior had this to say:
well u r being critical, perhaps u can try to be constructive instead of destructive... everyone can criticize, but when it comes to suggestions, everyone juz keeps quiet... typical singaporean...
juz my opinion after reading ur blog for sometime... no hard feelings =]

Reminds me of what JFK said:
Ask not what the country can do for you;
As what you can do for your country.

In one of my latter comment replies, I mentioned about me doing my part to "to create a creative culture".

One of the things I've been involved in towards this end is called Tomorrow. logo

I'll just steal mr brown's description:

Yes, ladies and gents, there is now a place online for you to read about Singapore-related stuff, be it blog posts, Singapore news, or foreign sites talking about Singapore.

How is that possible? Well, simple. YOU are going to provide the links to that content. You see, allows anyone to suggest a site or link. Your submissions will be fed into a queue and the editors of the site will approve the submissions based on strict editorial guidelines (like, we think the link is cool).

We realised early on that one person cannot do it all, and having all of you readers and bloggers involved in suggesting content to one site would be more powerful than just one of us bloggers going it alone. All we needed was a good infrastructure to build it upon (James provided this with Drupal, bless his high-tech soul), and some volunteers be editors to select and publish the content.

Think of this as a Boing Boing for Singapore, but (hopefully) bigger and better.

Now it ain't very pretty yet, and kinks will be worked out as we go along, but I think the site is pretty cool as it stands. So go forth and suggest away.

I was personally involved with from the start, and I hope you'll find it interesting and informative. And don't just sit there and watch, go contribute if you find something interesting relating to Singapore!

* * *

I was going to entitle this post "A Better Tomorrow", but James Seng beat me to it..
Then I changed the title to "Tomorrow Never Dies". Then I realise mr brown beat me to it too.
And CowboyCaleb called his post "Tomorrow Begins Today".

These are exciting times. There's hope for tomorrow.

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