Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Handling Online Criticism

If you've been reading Tomorrow.sg, you might have noticed a post about a Singaporean blogger being threatened with legal action:

would like to claim the dubious distinction of becoming the first singaporean blog (that i am aware of) for being threatened with legal action over one of my most recent posts. was it something i said?

He has since closed down his blog, and has issued an apology on the site where his blog used to reside:

AAA would like to apologize in particular to XXX, Singapore, for having hosted or made remarks which XXX felt were defamatory to him and the agency that he leads. AAA promises to not make such remarks again on this website.

I have edited the names of the involved parties, since it's not really relevant to this post.

* * *

If you've been reading Tomorrow.sg, you might have noticed a post about a British blogger who made some remarks about some of our top Singapore bloggers:

but go read the likes of MrBrown, Xiaxue and other certain blogs that shall not be named, and it is full of infantile concerns or pulling silly faces.

For some reason, mr brown did not take legal action against Steve (the British blogger); instead, he made a joke out of it and created a post entitled "Help Steve find more mature blogs than this one":

Steve of Singabloodypore laments the lack of mature blogs in Singapore and wonders where he can read blogs besides the infantile ones like Xiaxue's and mine.

* * *

I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions.

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