Thursday, April 14, 2005

Creativity, Control, and Casinos II

Read part I of this 2-part series.

* * *

The Ministry says we need to instill creativity in our students.

We need to teach our students how to be creative.

Let's start a subject to do that.

It should be compulsory for all first year students.

This will make our students more creative.

* * *

Uniquely Singapore.

* * *

Our students still aren't very creative.

Maybe it's the environment. We need a more creative environment. Anyone has any ideas?

Did someone say "graffiti"? You mean those horrid things they spray on the walls?

Can we control it? What if they spray undesirable words or pictures on the walls?

Do it on boards? So we can approve them before they are mounted on the walls?

Approved. This will show that NP is an institution that treats creativity seriously. It will also make our environment more creative, and help foster creativity in our students.

* * *

It's just too bad for Ngee Ann that they have someone like me there. It could easily have been any of the other polytechnics or universities, since they often have the same mentality.

And it's not just in education.

* * *

We have a problem. We need another engine to drive our economy.

And make sure we can sustain it, not like what happened to our IT dreams, or what is happening to our life sciences, or our attempts at art, or... you get the idea.

Did someone say "casino"? You mean the place where people gamble and commit other kinds of horrible vices?

It can bring in a lot of money? Heaps of money?

How about the social problems? We should be able to control them right?

Are the economic benefits greater than the social costs?

The numbers look good. But how many votes will we lose? You might want to get the numbers for this.

Will they forget the whole thing by the next election?

* * *

Creativity Calculations, Control, and Casinos.

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