Thursday, April 28, 2005

Casino Courses

I think I'm in a news-gathering mode, especially since Tomorrow started.

Since the casino decision and announcement was made at the top of our national hierarchy, everyone else below is expected to shut up and toe the line, whether one likes it or not.

Me and a few friends were joking about Ngee Ann starting a new diploma on Integrated Resort Management the next semester, and it seems like we weren't too far off.

The NP website has recently posted a press release:

27 Apr 2005: Ngee Ann Prepares Students For Integrated Resorts

Singapore, 27 April 2005 – Some final-year business and first-year Engineering students will become the pioneer batch in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) to take up new course options to tap the 35,000 job opportunities in the upcoming integrated resort industry.

NP’s School of Business and Accountancy (BA) will give its final year business students the option to take up Resort Management (RM). These students will graduate in mid-2006, well in time to contribute to the new business sector.

[blah blah blah blah]

By the way, you won't find the word "casino" in the release.

I wonder if we get to go to Vegas for attachment.

P.S. I'm sure the other polytechnics will put up similar announcements soon. As of now, I couldn't find any fresh information on their websites. They should have an official blog soon.

* * *

Talking about official blogs, Tomorrow (this must be my 27th time linking there) has a new blog for its editors to rant about their sad lives as editors. Since I'm an editor and I lead a sad life myself, you can expect me to post there every once in a while.

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