Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sexy Bloggers, Calm Bloggers

It all started with this...

Yes, everyone knows who she is.

Then 2 jokers came along and did this:

Mr Brown
Mr Brown trying to be sexy

Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi also trying to be sexy

As you can see, some are less successful than others:

Adri who doesn't even need to try to be sexy

While I may be slightly more sexy than Mr Brown or Mr Miyagi, I have no delusions about being more sexy than Xiaxue or Adri, no matter how much pink or purple I use. And if you look at what many others have done, the results can be quite horrific. So I decided to be calm about it, and pretend nothing's happening.

But damn, someone put this comment on Mr Brown's post:

Anyhow, let me stir up shit here.. I request Calm One! Jay Chou shot!!

Just because she decided to post hers, she has to drag me down along too. What is this?

Then I get these 2 uncalled-for comments:
dude. where's your contribution to the "I'm too sexy for my blog" campaign?!
- G

I agree. I think we all wana see your "I'm too sexy for my blog" picture...quick quick post! =D
- fayeth


You people don't know what you're asking for. Don't you know that calm and sexy do not go together?

But just to convince myself, I went to the loo, the male loo, stood in front of the mirror, and tried the tongue thingy, the way Xiaxue does it...


And guess what I saw?

The Sexy and Calm One
A calm and sexy blogger.

* * *

Update: For newcomers who would like to know how I got my stunning good looks, check out this post.

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