Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Scam Baiting - Final

I got pretty tired of my half-hearted attempt at scam baiting, but a few of you were curious about the outcome.

For those of you who didn't follow the whole episode, here's a quick recap:
Part 1: I got this scam spam from a certain Mark Ncube asking me to participate in this great business deal. He asked for my number, while I asked for his picture.
Part 2: He insists on getting my number, while I confess my love for him while insisting on his (nude) picture.
Part 3: Mark turns out to be shy, so I send him my nude picture (tubgirl), and await his reply.

So here's part 4, the final episode.

* * *

A number of days after sending him my picture, Mark finally sends me a reply.

Dear My love Calm one,
Thanks for nice nude picture, here is mine also, please dont show it to anyother person, as i told you that am very shy, but dueto the love i have on you makes me to do so.

Thanks and hoping to hear from you soon.

He attached a picture. Unfortunately, since Mark asked me not to show his picture to anyone, I have to respect his privacy and not post his picture here. An unsatisfying description will have to suffice.

Attached was a picture of a dark-skinned person. But only part of the legs were shown - the inner thighs actually - as well as the area where the legs meet. Somehow the genital configuration is quite different from mine, with some items missing. I shall say no more.

Needless to say, I was most disappointed.


You are very ugly!!!
I don't like you anymore.
I am very sad and angry.
Don't email me ever again!


So that's the end of the whole story.

* * *

Just a couple of days back, I saw this title in my Inbox:


I heaved out a sigh. Yet another scammer. For some reason, I decided to open it.

I humbly crave your indulgence in sending you this mail, if the contents does not meet with your personal and business ethics, I apologise in advance, I am Mark Ncube the first Son of Mr Solomon.D.Ncube former national security advicer to the ousted Sierria Leonean military head of state, Paul Koroma.I am writing to express my interest in real estate or landed properties in your country. Though my father died in detention a couple of months ago while been detained by the new government. Before his untimely death, he instructed me to leave the country for my safety and start up a business somewhere out side Africa with a total sum of
USD7.300.000 ( Seven million three hundred thousand United States Dollars) which he deposited in a Security Company here in Bangkok Thailand.

Actually, I have never met you before, but it was a friend of my father who happened to be present at his bural that adviced me to consider your country for my investments. After due
consideration, I started searching the web side where I got your email address. No one else is
aware of my proposal to you.Due to social, economic and political instability in west African
region, I decided to seek your assistance in transfering this money into your private or institutional account for my investment purposes.I have all the vital documents that covers the deposit which could be faxed to you upon request. Transaction of this nature demands the
highest trust and confidence between both parties. This transaction is 100% risk
free. For your assistance in this transfer, I have decided to give 20% of the total sum involved and 5% mapped out for miscellaneous expenses that we may incure during the process.
Your acceptance of this proposal or otherwise should please be communicated through my E.MAIL address. Your quick response will be appreciated. However, if you are not disposed to assist, kindly distroy this letter to protect the identity and confidentiality of the
parties involved.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Mark Ncube.

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