Friday, March 25, 2005

Disgust Discussed

I was hanging out with a friend in school on a lazy Saturday afternoon and we were surfing on our respective computers when I found an interesting blog. An interesting but disgusting blog.

Yes, I know many of you were disgusted at my sexy picture. (I was going to re-post it here, but decided to be kind.)

In fact, I got many hurtful comments:
wah biang, that is chao er xin leh.
wah, i don't dare come back to your blog ever again if you keep insisting on using that picture..
arggghhhhhh.. GROSS!

that is disturbing.
- zhi yang

for decency's sake, please stop posting that person's pic!
- fayeth

that pic is really grotesque!
- BallofYarn

i'm scarred for life
- h3lix

Fine, the truth hurts.

Anyway, I was talking about this interesting but disgusting blog. And I wasn't referring to my own blog.

It's a blog by a guy who prefers to wear panties instead of briefs or boxers. This confirms that it's not me, even though I sometimes walk into "alternative" toilets.

One thing I noticed is that this guy seems to be normal in just about everything else. He's straight, probably of above-average intelligence, and gives thoughtful advice.

Like how to choose and buy panties:
First, you need to know what style you like. Something that looks gorgeous on a woman, may not fit comfortably on a man. [...] You probably do not want to stand alone at the lingerie section browsing through all the styles there are. The tendency is to get wierd stares from people if you hang around for too long.

He goes on to give practical advice about finding the right size. I will not quote that portion since his description on the interaction between the male genitalia with the female undergarment is too graphic.

Like their male counterparts, female undergarments need to be washed too, and discreetly:
What I do now is to wash them when I shower and wash them with my shower foam, then wash away the foam as quietly as I can. I avoid spraying directly onto the panty because the drum-like sound of water on fabric is different from water on skin, and again I want to avoid attracting attention.

Very well thought through.

But even more tricky is how to dry them:
Then I will hang the wet undergarment on a clothes peg behind my computer (which is against a wall) and let the warm wind from the fan dry it, arranging it such that it is not easily spotted if anybody comes into my room.

And don't forget the decoys:
Furthermore, I have to keep up appearances so I will wear a pair of briefs and dump them in the family laundry basket everyday, even though I spend most of my time in my panties and strings.

I was reading those snippets to my friend, and we were both amused and disgusted at the same time.

I hope you're not reading this right after your bowl of katong laksa. Maybe I should have given a warning earler. My apologies.

Anyway, our panty-wearing friend waxes philosophical:
It seems strange to any normal person on the streets to see a guy wear panties. But how often will one be able to spot that scene. Why is there such a perception that guys are only allowed to wear briefs or boxers, but underwear for girls (termed as panties) are frowned upon?

"Frowned upon" would be an understatement.

I find it disgusting.

Talking about disgust, many parents know that babies show no signs of disgust at disgusting things. In fact, nothing disgusts babies. Babies are not afraid of cockroaches or spiders, they will be happy to play with their own faeces if given the opportunity, and they are usually more curious than anything when presented with things we find disgusting.

But by the time they grow to the age of around five, they would have learnt to be disgusted at appropriately disgusting things, and in fact many of them tend to be more disgusted than necessary.

A possible explanation of disgust is that it is a learned mechanism to keep us away from potentially harmful things. Cockroaches are likely to be filthy, spiders could be poisonous, faeces are most definitely filthy.

But how about the guy who wears panties? Is he more unhygienic than other guys? I don't think so. His practice doesn't harm or hurt anyone. It's just weird, or different. But I'm weird and different too, yet no one finds me remotely disgusting (I assume).

But it feels so wrong. What he's doing feels completely wrong.

But why?

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