Friday, March 04, 2005

Damage Control

Thanks to my one-sided reporting in my last post ("Girls Kicking Balls"), I'm getting a bit of flak, and even HATE MAIL!!!

If you've been following my blog, you'd know how much I love hate mail, and how hard I've been trying to get hate mail.

And how I wasn't that successful.

The irony is, just when I wasn't thinking about getting hatemail, it comes.

Moral of the story: you don't have to try to get people to hate you; people will hate you anyway.

But back to the hatemail.


your a f***ed up piece of s***

- Anonymous

Unfortunately, due to the family-unfriendly language used, I have to asterisk out the strong language.

But can you feel the outrage? the fury?

Notice the first word used, your. Ms Anonymous (I'm assuming a female this time) was so incensed that proper English grammar was hurled out of the window. Ms Anonymous, it's supposed to be you're instead of your, because you really meant you are, and you're is a contraction of you are. You've made a common error of using a homonym of the correct word, instead of the correct word itself. I hope that helps.

With the hate mail properly taken care of, let me deal with the more legitimate comments from the SMU players themselves.

Hey there are no butches on our team! Just a couple of girls with short hair. NO BUTCHES!

You know why none of us ripped off our tops? We badly wanted to, but we had no excuse to. Not a single goal scored in the whole tournament = no chance to do topless jigs.

SMU Girl (I'm the ditzy one, in no way representative of my club)

- Joyce

And here's my panicky reply:

die lar - they're actually reading this.

joyce: my profuse apologies about the butch statement. i couldn't tell who was the ditzy one. what number was your jersey?

and i should have cheered for SMU much harder. *sigh*

- calm one

Later on, another SMU player comment came in:

hey.. thanks for your comment on the goal kick. it was taken by yours truly. i was definitely taking it as hard as i could. have no idea why my fellow school mate says we can act well. maybe it's just the people he/she mixes with. which is quite sad i must say. anyway, your comment will definitely push me to train even harder to execute proper goal kicks! DEFINITELY!! thank you.

by the way, you might not think the smu gals played well. but i dont really care what you think. we know whether we tried our best and i think that's more impt than anything else.

would also like to add that there are women teams out there who can play. it's just that they are not given as much attention as guys. just becoz you dont see them, doesnt mean they dont exist.

- sharon


Actually I did acknowledge that there were good women's teams in my comment reply to amanda:

amanda: the US national women's soccer team can really kick ass. i mean kick ball. (they also rip off their jerseys when they score.) so not all women are bad at soccer

But, as mentioned in the beginning of this post, my coverage was selective and thus not very balanced. So the purpose of this post is to balance things up a little in an attempt to be fair to the players, as well as to ensure that I can walk the streets of Singapore without fear again.

Let's come back to a comment by sharon which I haven't addressed:

by the way, you might not think the smu gals played well. but i dont really care what you think. we know whether we tried our best and i think that's more impt than anything else.

Well, I can't say that the SMU players played well, because I think they didn't. But neither did the NP players.

But I did notice that the SMU girls played with a lot of heart (ok, so did the NP side). I did look into their faces when the game ended, and I saw the downcast and despondent looks of disappointment. And one girl was even in tears.

As they always say - it's not about the winning.

As someone who's been involved in competitive sports, I know how it feels to lose. And I think I've lost more than I've won, at least in tournaments. I've felt the pain, the urge to shed tears in disappointment, even though, stepping back, I knew it made no sense; it's only a game. But the emotions during those times can be strong, and they take over the mind...

I'm rambling.

Maybe it's because I'm not used to blogging in the middle of the night.

Girls, keep playing, no matter what others say.

And have fun!

(And don't kick me!)

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