Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Comments on Comments on Comments

Yeah I've noticed.

I've been getting not a small number of comments lately. (Yes, the previous sentence is an example of a litotes).

Of course, it's nothing compared to what xiaxue sometimes gets. For example, her recent post exposing the cabsnatchers got her 239 comments, the last time I checked.

I do not hope to get that many comments. It's not so much because I don't want to get xiaxue jealous (of course it's never a good idea to offend her), but more because I won't be able to cope with that many comments.

Some weeks ago, in the comments on my post entitled "Damage Control", some rather notable bloggers made some observations.

It started with the infamous and much-hated Agagooga who commented:
You may not get that much hatemail, but you do get a lot of comments!

He's obviously jealous of me. But to get back at me, he makes a reference to hatemail, knowing that I know that he gets a hell lot of hatemail, which would in turn induce feelings of jealousy within me. Smart bastard.

In response to Agagooga's comment, Adri had this to say:
yeah, i was going to comment that err, you get a lot of comments. i'm jealous.

At least she's honest enough to admit that she's jealous. So sweet of her.

Which is quite something, because she has many more readers than I do. She even have fans and stalkers, which I don't. And there's even a lucrative market for her pictures (I'm the sole agent for NP), while nobody wants my pictures...

A few more comments down, Daniel, whose blog deserves more readers, made this comment:

and wow, I never had more than 40 comments in my blog...

To which I replied
yeah i'm getting kinda embarrassed getting so many comments - i think people like adri or agagooga should get more comments...

Weeks after switching to Haloscan's commenting system, I was looking at some of my older posts. I almost wet my pants when I saw that some of my comments had gone down to zero (scroll down to my older posts to see what I'm talking about).

Anyway I clicked on the comment link to check, and thankfully, all the comments are intact.

My pants remained dry.

Here's Haloscan's explanation:
Q: Some of my really old comment links are not showing accurate comment counts.

A: The comment count loader only retrieves the comment link counts for the last 200 comments (800 comments for premium members). Anything past that mark may show an inaccurate comment count in the link but you can still click the comment link to view all comments posted.

No wonder xiaxue doesn't use Haloscan.

The week before, a friend suggested to me that I'm getting so many comments because I only post about twice a week, so there's plenty of time for my comments to accumulate. That made sense, so I decided to release a succession of posts every day (15, 16, 17 March). But the comments kept coming...

I'm still wondering why I'm getting so many comments.

Thankfully, most of my friends are rather smart (I'd like to think that they're smart because they hang out with me, but unfortunately that's not the case), so I had this chat with one of them yesterday (lightly edited to make it more coherent):

me: was thinking of picking your brain on something...

she: oh, what?

me: why i'm getting so many comments on my blog....

me: u don't have to give me an answer now....

she: how would i know!

me: dang... i thot u could help me...

me: *sigh*

she: heh

me: i mean... i don't get it.....

me: my comments are disproportionately high.....

she: i noticed

me: maybe becos i've been responding to the comments?

she: heh

she: ;)

(what did she mean by that?)

me: i thot i had blogging all figured out...

me: u might have noticed that my last few posts came almost daily...

me: yet the comments are just as many, or even more

she: haha, dont be disturbed by it

me: not disturbed by the number of comments, just disturbed that i don't know why.


Yeah... so now you know what I'm thinking.

I guess this is not one of those things that highly-commented bloggers want to talk about. I can imagine some people telling me "why don't you just shuddup and let the comments pour in? Are you trying to make me even more jealous or what?"

Ah well. You readers are smart people - help me out with this mystery ok?

P.S. In case the post title is confusing, let me clarify it with an expanded version:
[My] Comments on [some of your] Comments on [the many] Comments [I'm getting for my posts]

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