Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Post Mortem

It's been exactly a month since I killed this blog, and I thought I could finally rest in peace. I've found that it wasn't that difficult for me to kill this blog, partly because it was something I had been planning to do for a while.

But what I wasn't quite expecting was the reaction I'd get from you. Sure, I did expect some kind of a reaction, but I didn't expect the type of reaction you gave, nor did I expect to be affected by your reaction. I do confess that I felt more than a tinge of guilt. Maybe my announcement came too suddenly, too abruptly, even though I did give hints just days before (but you refused to believe anyway)...

So I'm back here, rather unwillingly, breaking my word.

I meant it when I said that it would be my last post.
I meant it when I said that I don't like the taste of fame and power (I still don't).
I meant it when I said I won't be resurrecting this blog.
I meant all of it.

But it's for you. Because of you, I'm back here. Condemned to blog here.
No one ever warned me about the curse of a blogger.

* * *

When someone comes back from the dead, you don't know if he's the same person.

Don't expect things to be the same here either.

It's only been a month. But I've changed.

And don't blame me if you don't like the changes.

* * *

And oh, I definitely won't be blogging here after this semester, which ends around April or May. This time, don't say I didn't give you enough warning!

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