Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

A woman was standing at the school gates this morning selling roses.

So it must be St Valentine's Day today oh yeah!

"Would you like to buy one for your girlfriend?"

"No thanks my boyfriend hates flowers," I wanted to say. In my cowardice, I only managed the first 2 words.

* * *

I need to stop myself. I just realised that I've been saying unhappy things about the last few supposedly-joyous occasions, including CNY, New Year, and Xmas. Wouldn't it be too predictable for me to go on a rampage about how hypocritical and hollow the whole Valentine shebang?

Just for once, just for today, just for you,
I shall be uncharacteristically positive about St Valentine's Day, and list down why I sincerely feel that it's really a great day.


psssst... quick, someone help me out here... i need ideas!

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