Monday, December 06, 2004

School Starts

Today's the first day of the term, prematurely cutting short the school vacation.

It's always an adjustment when the term starts, particularly if you had been in school during the vacations, when it's quiet, peaceful and relaxing, no crowds to jostle with...

Stepping into school today, I'm machinegunned by visual stimuli from all directions - girls, girls, and more girls (guys are not visual stimuli). And too many of them garbed in precarious microskirts.

Anyway, with some free time in my hands, I went down to the Lifestyle Library. It was packed with semi-reclining bodies strewn all over the seats and the carpet floor, half of them flipping through glossy magazines, the other half chatting or gazing absently into empty space.

I picked up an issue of New Scientist, and somehow managed to find a cushioned seat facing the window about 6 feet away. About 3 guys and a girl were sitting on the carpet right in front of me, leaning on the wall under the window.

New Scientist is more engaging.

Before long, the girl stands up. She's average-looking, so I don't really observe her. Then a girlfriend of hers appears. I catch a glimpse of her face. Our eyes meet for that split second. Not bad. Ok - quite pretty, to be honest. She stands almost right in front of me, about 2 feet away, to chat with her friend. And she's wearing a microskirt. A distracting microskirt. I try to concentrate on the fascinating article on interrogation in New Scientist, where this top interrogator from Israeli intelligence is interviewed about... I think she's conscious of me. I can feel it. She seems to be inching closer to me... Anyway, the top interrogator is interviewed by New Scientist about some of the interrogation techniques... She is inching closer. She's only about 1 foot away now... come on baby... half a foot... Then her conversation ends, and her friend leaves. Dang.

She glances behind her to look for a seat. There's a space beside me, quite tight, and someone left a Calvin and Hobbes comic book on it. Dang! She's probably going elsewhere to find a seat...

She glances round again, then turns and picks up the Calvin and Hobbes, and seats herself right beside me. I control my breathing. My heart races out of control. Concentrate on the article! She's only inches beside me. I smell her perfume. She opens her book on body language. Body language. I know something about body language. I need an opening line...

Did you know that the ability to read body language is an important skill for interrogators?

Nah too intellectual. Think of something else.

Guess what? I've been observing your body language since you came.

Nah too freaky.



Think! Think of something quick!


It's times like these when I need my mental faculties the most and they desert me.


A guy sits down at her other side, and starts talking to her. They must be friends.

Then his hand appears on her back. He caresses her.



I soon finish the fascinating article, and leave the library. Really great article.

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