Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Festive Felicitations and Seasons Salutations

I was planning on a long and rambling post about my thoughts on blogging around on 1st January next year as promised in a previous post, but I shall break that promise.

I've already started on my new year post, but it became so long and unwieldy that I figured I could break it up into smaller posts that would eventually lead on to it. You'd probably appreciate that better anyway, since it would be more readable. What's more, it gives you a time to think about the stuff I'll be writing (at least that's what I hope for).

* * *

I usually turn off my phone at night during the festive seasons. The SMSes normally start flooding in after midnight, vibrating me out of my slumber.

I totally forgot about my policy this Christmas. Thankfully I was still awake when someone sent me the first "Merry Xmas" SMS just after midnight on December 25th. I silenced my phone immediately. The girl who sent me the greetings has known me for around 7 years, yet she doesn't know me. Maybe I'll explain to her another time.

You see, those who know me better probably remember going through a strange conversation with me, similar to the following:

Friend: Happy new year!

Me: For what?

Friend: Huh? I just wished you happy new year...

Me: Someone already wished me "happy millenium" in the year 2000, so I think this coming new year has already been covered thank you.

Friend: Oh...

Me: Anyway, must we always feel happy?

I won't go on, since the rest is similar to my small talk post.

I always wondered what's the big deal about a new year. Just because the earth makes one round around the sun, and that gives us reason to celebrate?

Or birthdays for that matter. Just because I popped out of my mother on a certain day, and that's reason to celebrate whenever I travel one round around the sun with the earth?

Something to think about.

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