Friday, December 31, 2004

Death in 2004

I picked up a copy of Streats this morning, and it immediately struck me that it was much thicker and heavier than usual. It took me a while before it hit me. Streats is dead.

* * *

Speaking of death...

I've been dreaming of this internet service for ages. Let's call it Messenger of Death for now, since I can't think of a better name. Here are the basics of how it works:

You sign up (and pay) for the service, and enter a bunch of email messages to be sent to selected family and friends at specified times only after you die.

When you actually die, your lawyer (or someone you trust) will inform Messenger of Death that you're dead, along with the documentary proof (death certificate etc), which would trigger off your instructions.

For example, you can specify that you want an email sent to your ol' pal Bob exactly one year after your death date:

Heya Bob, it's been a long time! I mean, it's been waaay toooo loooong!
How's life these days for ya? frankly, life sucks big time for me down here.
Waitaminute... i'm dead. ok then - death sucks big time. I mean it's hot down here. Hot like hell man. Darn me - it IS HELL! and it's damned lonely. I mean I'm damned I know, but it IS lonely. I miss you man. I wish you were here with me. Join me soon okay?

And maybe another year later:

Damn Bob, when are u coming down man? Or don't tell me you've gone to heaven?? nah no way not after the things we did together - no way you'll be up there. you'd betta join me soon okay? or i'll start to haunt u in your sleep and give you wet dreams - not the usual kind - but nightmares so scary you'll wet your bed!
heh just kiddin man. but i'm just DYING for u to join me man!

This way your folks are guaranteed to remember you, and just way you want them to.

I think I'll make a lot of money with this service. Anyone wanna sign up?

* * *

Now to a more serious vein.

In principle, dying doesn't occur in weekends.

That was a quote from Grace Chow, who chronicled her thoughts in a blog as she looked forward to her impending death, which finally came and took her away early this month.

That was one of the most unique blogs I've seen. I suspect that it won't be updated anymore.

* * *

Some time in September this year, one of my favourite blogs died. Thankfully it wasn't because the blogger died - she just got tired after blogging for 5 years, so she killed it. Blogicide.

But miracles do happen.

Her blog was resurrected after a few weeks, complete with a new and glorified body.

Okay that was just a minor miracle. Maybe not even a miracle, since I was fully expecting her to blog again. Or at least write again.

* * *

I've been contemplating what would happen if I killed this blog.

Probably some mourning from some of you?

But really, a dead blog deserves little mourning.

* * *

Well, it's New Year's Eve.


Of course I don't mean it. Go say that to those who lost someone in the tsunami.

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