Friday, December 10, 2004


I often have lunch alone, and yesterday was no different. It's much easier for girls to pick you up that way. =)

As I stepped into canteen 1, I decided to patronise the Muslim food stall, which was at the other end of the canteen. I walked by the Chinese food stall on the way, the Yong Tau Foo stall, the Western food stall, and as I was going by the Japanese food stall, I noticed from the corner of my eye that the girl at the stall was young and pretty.

I'm not particularly a fan of Japanese food, but for some inexplicable reason, I was abruptly hit by a powerful urge to give Japanese food a try, so I made a sharp turn into the Japanese food stall.

As I stood before the counter, I realised 3 things:

1. Japanese food is expensive.
2. Japanese food names are hard to pronounce.
3. My peripheral vision is failing.

You see, upon closer inspection, the girl at the stall was young and pretty, only if compared to the rest of the middle-aged stallholders at the other stalls.

I decided to order the first item on the banner ad at the top of the stall. Or do they call it the stall signage? Whatever.

"Yes?" asked the not-so-young-and-pretty-anymore girl at the counter.

"Can I have that... ermm... that first one with the teriyaki chicken and rice thing?" I replied, pointing to the banner ad, which she couldn't see anyway.

"Oh the [insert the name of my order]. Three fifty."

As I took out my wallet, a haunting, ominous feeling started to come over me, as I vaguely remembered that I didn't have much money left.

When I opened the wallet, I found a forlorn 2 dollar note lying in there, very lonely. Bad.

I opened the coin compartment in my wallet, desperately hoping for a minor miracle.

10 cents.

"Uhhhhmmm... I just realised that I only have 2 dollars with me..." I muttered rather sheepishly. "Wait, let me see if I can borrow from a friend..."

I turned around and scanned the whole canteen for any sign of any familiar face. The more I scanned, the more desolate I felt.

I gave up.

"Ermm... I tell you what - I'll pay you as soon as I finish lunch and get the money okay? I promise! I swear!" I tried to look as sincere as I could. I mean, I was sincere.

I guess she didn't have too much choice, since the food was already almost ready, so she agreed, but not before giving me the you're-such-a-stupid-guy smile.

And frankly, the food wasn't even great.

No more Japanese food for me in the foreseeable future.

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