Saturday, October 09, 2004

Temper Tantrums

Was at canteen 1, minding my own business, when I heard a loud THOMP!

Some guy 2 tables away had just slammed his his hard on the table, and was pretending that it didn't hurt. Something - maybe it was that big frown - told me that he was not in a happy mood. His girlfriend did not look happy too.

A fight! Lovers' tiff! I kept my fingers crossed, and pretended to mind my own business, while the corner of my eye kept them in view.

They guy was motionless, probably paralyzed by the pain and waiting for it to subside so he could make his next move. He was also probably wondering what his next move should be, knowing very well that his next move had to attract more attention than table-thomping for it to achieve the intended effect.

I was not disappointed.

He shot up from his seat, grabbed a handphone on the table, and threw it hard on the floor. Pieces of plastic flew in all directions as the Nokia spun across the well-greased canteen floor. It was quite spectacular.

To add to the effect, he also kicked another canteen chair so that it bounced noisily on the floor.

Satisfied that there were enough people staring at him with open mouths, he sat back down in a huff and buried his furious face in his arms on the table.

The girlfriend meekly went round the vicinity picking up the bits of Nokia, sat back down beside him, and proceeded to assembling back the Nokia (potential Nokia ad).

Soon after she was done, our hero lifted up his still-angry head, and his eyes caught sight of the as-good-as-new Nokia on the table mocking him.

What do you expect? He grabbed the Nokia again, but before he could do anything with it, the girlfriend grabbed his hand and started pleading with him. This went on for a minute or two as tears streamed down her face. Being a nice person, I wanted to offer her some tissue, but I decided not to. I didn't want to spoil the show.

After a while, the guy finally relented, and the girl went away to the restroom with the Nokia safe with her. As expected, the guy sat in stony silence, thinking about the next move. I wanted to go up to him and suggest, "how about the Toshiba?" It would have been ultra-cool seeing the laptop crashing hard onto the floor. But he did not look like the approachable type, so I chickened out.

Anyway, I didn't wait for the next scene; the drama was unfolding way too slowly by then, even after the girlfriend came back, so I eventually got bored and left.


Blogger -matt- said...

thanks for reading my blog (and commenting :)...

peoplewatching is such an intelectually voyeuristic activity which can be more stimulating than the highest, fastest rollercoaster sometimes. what makes it even better is when someone can capture the complete essence of a situation, and protray it so eloquently as you have here...

2:17 PM  

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