Wednesday, October 13, 2004

One Big Zoo

First, I get a comment from matt for a previous post saying that

peoplewatching is such an intelectually voyeuristic activity which can be more stimulating than the highest, fastest rollercoaster sometimes.

Then today, I stumble upon this girl's blog who waxes poetic and reminds me that "everything is voyeurism" (9 Oct 2004).

Okay fine, I admit it. I'm a voyeur of sorts. And you too, since you're reading my blog. The same girl writes on voyeurism:

reading blogs, peering at the
passenger who'd just boarded the bus

It's a little ironic - blogger-voyeurs like myself observing the physical dimension of humanity and wondering about our subjects' motivations, stimuli, and other aspects of the mental dimension; blog-reading-voyeurs like yourself observing the vocalized mental dimension of the bloggers like myself and sometimes wondering about our physical dimension and perhaps our potential for physical stimulation.

It's all one big zoo.


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