Thursday, October 07, 2004

More Choices

Looks like Hype and Tribune have competition, called "Choices", which is distributed to the JCs, Polys, and Unis, with a claimed readership of over 80,000.

What Choices needs to do is to give their Photoshop guy some retraining (by me perhaps?) to rid the cover page model (Caroline Cheong, some TV personailty) of her serious eyebags, which makes her look almost double her 22 years. And hire better photographers or editors who can pick more flattering pictures of her, rather than those that make her look like some already-past-her-prime karaoke lounge hostess.

Back to the Photoshop-retraining-needed guy(s) - someone should tell em that Photoshop has a feature (that has been there forever) called "feather", so the pictures won't look so obviously cut n pasted.

But who notices these kinds of things anyway?


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